Established in 1997 ,Firma is a trusted supplier of hook & eye enclosures for Bra/lingerie to many world class brands.


We offer a variety of Hook & Eye Fasteners and Tapes for Bra/lingerie with hidden and regular stitches. 1 through 3 rows eye adjustments are available in customisable spacings and cut sizes. 


The clothing for Hook & Eye pieces for bras are made of 100% nylon tricot and brushed nylon fabrics.Quality Brass used for the metal part would add to the anti rusting feature and there by gives the fabric a longer life.


We offer in-house fabric-dying with lab dip color approval as well as post-dyed H&E fasteners. Special "soft-edge" ultra-sonic cutting, 4 corner rounded cut are also now available from Firma


Firma has its own lab facility to test the durability of the products and each product comes out of the production line after 3 stage Quality Check. These quality checks would ensure that the products meet the desired Stitch per Inch (SPI) requirements.


The design of hooks and eyes for braissiers are so unique to make the product a class apart. The ergonomically designed products would leverage your customers comfort and feel

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